Johan Derksen is concerned about Gordon. He fears that his SBS 6 colleague is being quite destructive. “He goes to Dubai out of frustration until he runs out of money and then that’s the end of Gordon.”

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    Gordon has been in the public eye for days because he doesn’t want to be in the publicity anymore. He has his socials completely removed and has informed RTL Boulevard that he never wants to give an interview again. It is obvious that the entertainer is quite off track, says Johan Derksen in his program Today Inside.

    to the fuck

    Johan thinks that Gordon is not doing well. “That Gordon was with us a few times in The Hague and I didn’t think that was a bad boy. That boy could sing nice, had a nice one vocalgroup, all a success, but nothing is left of it. He had an insanely fun show with Gerard Joling, you know, a bit of niece humor.”

    He continues: “Then he started coffee business and that would become a whole chain… Fucked off. All relationships, you can read in the newspaper, that fail. And now he’s so frustrated that he’s also arguing with the media and he’s going to Dubai out of envy and frustration, until he runs out of money and then that’s the end of Gordon.”

    ‘So sad’

    It is a worrying case, says Johan. “I feel so bad for that boy. I know there’s a thread loose with him, but he needs professional help. There is no evil spirit in that boy.”

    Johan thinks Gordon is on cocaine. “I think it’s because he always has his nose full, because then you sometimes want to react differently to something.”

    Talpa contract

    How’s Gordon’s TV career going? His last programs on SBS 6 were not exactly successful, according to Wilfred Genee. “Those weren’t the biggest successes, but of course he is incredibly positive about John always.”

    Johan: “I don’t think Talpa will extend his contract either, because he will earn a fortune with Talpa, but what should they do with someone who drops out everywhere and doesn’t show up anywhere?”