How to create a voice message in WhatsApp status

The popular messenger WhatsApp is constantly releasing new functions. After a longer test phase, there is now a new feature that makes it possible to upload voice messages in WhatsApp status.

Previously it was possible to upload images, videos, GIFs and text in WhatsApp status. The advantage: After 24 hours, all status content disappears again, similar to an Instagram story. Another similarity is that you can react to another person’s status. Apparently, the function is very popular, because WhatsApp is expanding the status with voice messages.

New WhatsApp feature brings voice memos to status

Voice messages have long been a tried and tested means of communication on WhatsApp and other messengers. The function is particularly useful for people who don’t like making calls or typing long messages on their smartphones.

As early as mid-July 2022, WhatsApp announced that it wanted to introduce WhatsApp voice messages in the status with a corresponding function. Now the first beta testers can finally access it from app version for Android. In the coming weeks, WhatsApp plans to roll out the function extensively so that it is also available to regular users.

How to Use Voice Messages in WhatsApp Status?

From then on, anyone who wants to add a voice message to their status can do so simply via the WhatsApp menu. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Select the pencil icon in Messenger’s start menu to create a status message.
  • A regular text field then opens, as known from normal WhatsApp chats. On the right in the field there is a microphone symbol with which you can record a voice message as usual; i.e. either by holding the button down while speaking or by dragging it up to lock it.
  • Once the voice message has been recorded, it automatically ends up in the WhatsApp status and, like other status messages, is deleted after 24 hours. In addition, the length of the message is capped at 30 seconds.
Creating a voice message in WhatsApp status basically works like a normal voice memo.Photo: Screenshot via WABetaInfo

During the test phase, it should also be noted that both the sender and the recipient must have the corresponding WhatsApp trial version.