How to combine sunglasses based on style 2023

gthere sunglasses, the essential must-have of the warm season. How to juggle the infinity of Spring-Summer 2023 models and trends? Simple, with an eye to style: if some classic accessories seem designed to emphasize the face, the latest trendy ones look above all at the look. How to combine sunglasses to enhance a specific outfit?

Here are 5 ideas to take a look at, to guide you in choosing your new sight companions. In contrast or in line with one’s way of dressing, in order to make them absolute protagonists.

Rectangular sunglasses – college style

Among the popular models for Spring-Summer 2023, the rectangular sunglasses they are the ones that offer a vast overview of choice in terms of ensembles. The most successful mix, to enhance a traditional or revisited college look: perfect with pleated miniskirts, moccasins, blazers, varsity or denim jackets and school girl. Without forgetting the headband or hair band.

Preppy style, starting with the rectangular schoolgirl glasses (Photo: Spotlight Launchmetrics).

Aviator sunglasses – grunge style

How to combine the legendary aviator sunglasses? Teardrop or pilot model, are not only one of the coolest pieces of the season, but also the undisputed protagonists of the grunge style now back in the limelight. Sunglasses alla Top Guns they go perfectly with checked shirts, jackets with shearling details, relaxed jeans, unisex t-shirts, chain necklaces and leather items: love at first sight. On the other hand, Kurt Cobain never separated from it…

The aviators, the protagonists of the Top Gun look (Photo: Spotlight Launchmetrics).

Sporty sunglasses – athleisure style

Lovers of casual chic mixes? Athleisure returns in Spring-Summer 2023, and with it those outfits where the combinations range between sporty and elegant. A long skirt or a maxi dress go well with crystal earrings, but also with an oversized bomber jacket: and to elevate the look, there’s nothing better than a pair of sporty sunglasses, maskwith mirrored lenses and the racing frame.

Sports, racing, mirrored. The perfect glasses to contrast with the chicest ensembles (Photo: Spotlight Launchmetrics).

Slim cat-eye sunglasses – minimal style

Slim and cat-like, the last ones cat eye sunglasses trendy 2023. How to combine and when to choose this type of sunglasses with a sinuous and refined frame? The ideal is a minimalist look, played on clean silhouettes and neutral tones. For eyes with a mischievous style, which gracefully enhance even the most rigorous total black ensemble. Inevitable, a pair of basic hoop earrings to frame the face.

The protagonists of the minimal look are the slim cat-eye glasses (Photo: Spotlight Launchmetrics).

Jewel sunglasses – clubbing style

The jewel sunglasses they are one of the most visible trends of 2023. Distinguished by applications or chains, precious as necklaces, they are the style ally of every self-respecting party girl.

Jewel top: five outfits to shine during the holidays (and beyond)

Clubbing all day: with a shiny top or an embellished pair of jeans – as substitutes for earrings, to avoid blinding.

Even if nobody forbids wearing them with simpler looks: what matters, in this case, is above all the mood. For party girls even without a party…