How the Iron Dome works

A few months ago, the worsening of the conflict between Israel and Hamas placed the effectiveness and costs of the Israeli defense system, known as Iron Dome. This system is crucial to protect the population from rocket attacks.

The Iron Domeeither Iron Domea mainstay in Israeli defense uses advanced radar to detect and track incoming projectiles, which are destroyed in the air with TAMIR missiles, designed specifically for this purpose.

The system is coordinated by specialized software that uses complex algorithms for decision making and transmits data in real time. According to Infobae, this sophisticated process is vital for the operation of the system.

However, the Iron Dome does not stop all missiles– Your interceptor only fires if the incoming rocket is going to hit important infrastructure or populated areas. Projectiles of smaller size and range, and those headed towards unpopulated areas, can be allowed to pass.

The thing is, stopping each missile is very expensive. In accordance with Jerusalem Post, It costs Hamas $300 to $800 to create each rocket. Meanwhile, Israel spends approximately USD 40,000 to intercept it (cnn).

Furthermore, recent attacks demonstrated that the Iron Dome have a saturation point: Although in the past the system successfully intercepted projectiles, the recent attack managed to collapse it when only the first day of the October escalation Hamas launched a huge number of rocketsas indicated Al Jazeera.

Global connections in the Middle East. Many wonder how Hamas managed to confront a country as advanced as Israel. The answer can be found in a complex network of alliances and global interests.

In October, Hamas entered Israeli territory with relatively simple tactics, such as the use of paragliders, light weapons, vehicles and some drones. But Ghazi Hamada spokesman for the Palestinian organization stated in a statement to the BBC who had the support of Iran.

Although Tehran he denied it, shares with Hamas a common goal: destroy Israel. This became evident in a television broadcast of members of the Iranian Parliament, shouting “Death to Israel” and “Palestine is victorious, Israel will be destroyed,” as recounted by the BBC. This support may have played a key role in the conflict.

Likewise, according to APNews, Moscow maintains ties and supports Hamas. Ismail Haniyehleader of the group, and other important officials, visited the country of Putin long ago. Therefore, the influence of Russia, Iran’s ally, cannot be overlooked.

Although we cannot affirm that Russia be the direct cause of the conflict, The New York Times indicates that you are taking advantage of the situation: use dramatic headlines about Israel to divert attention from its war with Ukraine. Furthermore, he hopes that some resources Washington destinated to Ukraine are redirected to Israel. Finally, as suggested by BBCI would use it as an excuse to question North American policy in Middle East.

Washington’s influence. The unwavering support of USA in military, economic and diplomatic areas Israel It comes from a long time ago. The same president, Joe Bidenexplicitly stated that his support for Jewish state“It is solid as a rock and unbreakable.” (BBC). This is reflected, for example, in the shipment of weapons and ammunitionAs it explains Bloomberg.

Thanks to the intervention of the North American government, in addition, Israel formalized diplomatic relations with traditionally hostile states such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In a letter sent to Biden Already from the Treasury Secretariat, a group of congressmen requested information on the digital financing of Hamasas indicated Sputnik. Palestinian group uses cryptocurrenciestaking advantage of their difficulty in being tracked.

In my personal experience, while studying at StanfordI had the opportunity to participate in cultural exchange programs in Berlin and Beijing. I attended the Beijing University and I studied with professors who allowed me to understand the complexity of the relationships between China, Africa and Middle East. It is clear that these regions play an important role in global politics and that the links between them are fundamental.

The conflict in Middle East It transcends the borders of the region and represents the complexity of relationships in the world. This is not a simple dispute between ideological and religious positions.: it is one of the consequences of the tension between Washington and Moscow. Understanding these dynamics is essential to find sustainable and lasting solutions in the region..

*Lucas Roitman is a researcher at Stanford and columnist on international economics

by Lucas Roitman

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