How the anti-age vampirism that celebrities consume works

Sofia Clerici He was once again the center of attention of all the media. This time not because of the scandal Yategate that earned his ex-lover a political career Martin Insaurraldebut for confessing on her social networks that to keep her skin “like that of a porcelain doll” drink your own blood.

Such a confession happened when she published on her Instagram story a photo of her dinner at a very exclusive restaurant where a glass of red liquid could be seen behind the main dish. One of her more than 2 million followers asked her what she was taking and She without hesitation answered: “Blood.”. For innocent eyes, an unprecedented revelation; For the distrustful, a master chess move that once again gives positive visibility to the model, separates her a little from a judicial case that is advancing for illicit enrichment and helps her launch the advertising campaign for her dark clothing brand that she promotes in her networks under the name “Vampire”, and which costs 70 thousand pesos per set.


The truth is that, faced with the barrage of reactions and questions from his fans, Clerici detailed: “For those who don’t believe me, I always have 9 tubes in my refrigerator/freezer of blood and I take 1/4 or half a tube per week. Sometimes in a shot (when I want something more intense) or I mix it in drinks. In this case I made it with red berries.” And he added: “That’s why I’m a porcelain doll.” To conclude this step of gothic comedy with vampire overtones, he uploaded a photo of himself wearing his own brand’s clothes among candles that denote a kind of satanic rite under the title: “Your demonic doll.”

Consulted by NOTICIAS, the hematologist Sofía Burgos Alvarado it states: “Drinking one’s blood is not a recommended practice. It has no benefit. And much less take that from third parties, since, depending on the amount ingested, it can cause serious infections.” When this type of news is generated in the media, health professionals are the first to be outraged. Regarding the myth that blood rejuvenates, he explains: “The confusion or ignorance lies in the fact that blood is composed of plasma, which has a large amount of proteins such as collagen. But this plasma acts once it is prepared to be injected in different dermatological treatments. “Removing something from the body to reinsert it orally makes no sense, it doesn’t contribute anything.”


Throughout history, many civilizations found in the blood the belief of a magical concoction of regenerative qualities. In the years of the Roman Empire, epileptics were forced to drink the blood of gladiators who died in combat to revitalize their body and soul. For its part, in Ancient Greece, horse blood was used to cure asthma. Already as a legend, it is said that the Hungarian countess Isabel Bathory, in the Middle Ages, with the desire to achieve eternal youth, first drank and then took immersion baths with the blood of young girls between 9 and 16 years old, previously murdered and buried outside the castle.

Further back in time and with much less brutality, some Hollywood celebrities admitted to drinking blood, some for reasons of love rituals and others to achieve the gift of eternal beauty. The first to recognize it was the actress Megan foxwho a few years ago confessed to drinking his partner’s blood Machine Gun Kelly. But the one that revolutionized public opinion in 2020 was Mel Gibson, by giving a list of all the famous people who, like him, drank children’s blood to stay young and successful in an area that demands a high-impact aesthetic level. Among them were Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and Tom Cruise with his partner Katie Holmesthe latter two also linked to Scientology, who, in addition to the satanic menu, incorporated the placenta into their diet.

Photogallery American actress Angelina Jolie and her son Maddox arrive at the State Dinner in honor of South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, at the White House in Washington, DC

Returning to the local level, the fashion designer Cesar Juricich He said that for a long time he has been doing a hair treatment based on his own blood, which involves separating the plasma from the red blood cells from what is extracted, to inject it with microneedles into the scalp.

The doctor resumes Burgos Alvarado and concludes: “The best thing is not to do any of these experiments. Because the risk is in uncontrolled blood extraction. For example, women lose an average of 80 to 90 milliliters of blood each menstruation. So the body is wisely made so that after ten days that same number of red blood cells is recovered. If you alter the cycle on a weekly or biweekly basis, you are forcing the bone marrow, which is what makes blood, to work twice as hard and this causes unnecessary demands on organs that have vital and complex functions. In short, none of this fashion makes sense.”

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