How an observant train conductor tracked down the man kidnapped in Spanbroek

The man who was forcibly taken away in Spanbroek last Friday was found thanks to a train conductor. He was wanted en masse over the weekend. The police eventually managed to track down the man with her help. He turned out to be in Beverwijk. A reconstruction.

Many people in North Holland have been gripped in recent days: the disappearance of the man who was kidnapped. He was taken by others in a car in Spanbroek last Friday. No trace of him had been found since then.

Not even when the police in Heerhugowaard arrested two men in the night from Friday to Saturday for possible involvement. “A man or ten” stood with weapons and dogs in Heerhugowaard to arrest two people. It turned out to be an arrest team. But none of that led to finding the man.

But due to the attention of a train conductor, he was found, according to the police, confused, but in good health. “A train conductor saw a man sitting at a station yesterday, looking confused,” the police told NH.

Alarm bells are ringing

“The conductor decided to take the man with her on her train and had a chat with him on the way. She didn’t think the man looked so serious that she decided to call the crisis team or the police, for example. That was out of the question. The man could, was her impression, take care of himself.”

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The man then got off at Beverwijk station. The train conductor, still unaware of any harm, goes over it overnight. Until the conscious NS employee reads the message this morning about the missing man, the person she dropped off at Beverwijk station yesterday.

Then the alarm bells started ringing. “She contacted us today and based on the descriptions, which exactly matched the description, it turned out to be the man we were looking for,” says the police.

Importance of an observant citizen

“Based on this, we asked local police officers to let the residents of Beverwijk watch out on social media. Burgernet was also deployed this afternoon.”

Tips from bystanders who saw the man on it led to his discovery. And so the train conductor got things rolling. “It shows once again the importance of tips from bystanders.”

The man, who is therefore still somewhat confused, is now being medically examined and questioned by the police. He already has that declared kidnapped to be. The cause of his sudden disappearance is still unclear.