In recent years, the duels between Hovocubo and FC Marlène have caused enough spectacle in the Eredivisie futsal. That was different tonight, because the futsal players from Zwaag were much stronger than the Heerhugowaarders: 7-0. Iliass Bouzit excelled and made a hat-trick.

    At Hovocubo permanent goalkeeper Dave Stet was missing. He had suffered a tear in his meniscus during the Champions League, which meant that Melvin Habets was on target at Hovocubo. It was Oualid Tarifit, who made the first goal for the Hoorn futsal players. Faisel Mellah even doubled the lead not much later: 2-0. FC Marlène became dangerous through Amir Molkoarai, but his shot hit the post.

    Abdessamad Attahiri sprinkled even more salt in Marlène’s wounds just before half-time by making 3-0. The home side continued to score in the second half. Iliass Bouzit made a hat trick and Attahiri also scored a goal: 7-0. That made it a big win for Hovocubo. The club proudly remains at the top of the Eredivisie futsal without losing points. Marlène is in the middle bracket.

    The other results in the Eredivisie futsal:

    VNS United – FC Eindhoven 2-4
    ZVV The Hague – HV Veerhuys 0-4

    The North Holland squatter between Texel ’94 and ASV Lebo will be played tomorrow. RKAV Volendam is free this weekend.