Horse racing: A lynx attacked a horse

Lynx attacks are rare, but Jyrki Kemläinen’s mare fell victim to it.

Lynx attacks are rare in Finland. PDO

A lynx attacked a horse last week in Kiuruvedi. Be the first to report on it Kiuruvetälainen Jyrki Kemiläinen noticed that her Finnish mare was behaving more timidly than normal. After the examination, bruises were found on the horse’s chest and on its back.

Kemiläinen contacted the game management association, which confirmed to him that it had been a lynx attack.

– Wolves rarely attack any animal on their own, but now based on the tracks, this perpetrator was on the move alone, Kemiläinen tells Hevoseruhlu.

The horse that was the target of the attack seems to have already survived the incident. Kemiläinen says that the mare received good medication, and that the horse is now behaving normally.

The attack was Kemläinen’s first, and the man wonders how a lynx dared to attack a big horse. According to Kemiläinen, lynxes prefer to hunt cats and dogs and rarely stray into the yard.

– Apparently, in the area where we live, the lynx population is so large that there is a shortage of food, Kemiläinen reflects.