Hooligans are given prison sentences or community service, but things keep going wrong

Supporters of FC Den Bosch and TOP Oss will hear later today what punishment they will receive for riots in September. Football hooligans have previously received prison sentences, community service or had to pay compensation, but things keep going wrong.

Five NAC hooligans received prison sentences last year for attacking the police in May 2021. This happened during large-scale riots after their club’s match in Breda against NEC Nijmegen (1-2). According to the judge, that day ended in a ‘downright nightmare’ for the police officers: “They were trapped like rats.”

The longest prison sentence was 110 days plus 60 days of probation. The judge opted for heavy punishments because the football fans had already made a mistake.

Images of the riots, filmed by rioters:

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The police judge in Den Bosch gave thirteen FC Den Bosch fans community service or a fine for rioting after their club’s match against Go Ahead Eagles in May 2019. Officers and horses were beaten with oars. Several horses were injured. The sentences were much milder than the prison sentences of one to four months that had been demanded.

The police judge in Breda had to consider riots between supporters of NAC and Willem II. A number of supporters of the Tilburg club received community service of up to 200 hours for their role in the riots after the match in Breda in October 2018. During the football match, fire extinguishers and a burning torch were thrown, among other things. No one was injured.

Ten NAC hooligans were sentenced to four months in prison. Most received 240 hours of community service, sometimes with a suspended prison sentence.


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