Hoogeveen supermarket owner detained longer in Enschedeer murder case

The 46-year-old Hamid S., who is suspected of involvement in the violent death of Jihad Jafo from Enschede, will be detained longer. The pre-trial detention was extended by fourteen days this afternoon by the investigating judge, reports RTV East.

Hamid S. owns a supermarket in shopping center De Weide in Hoogeveen. The police searched the property in October, just like S.’s home. He was arrested on Monday.

Jihad Jafo went missing from December 6, 2021. He was then 32 years old. His body was found in May last year in the Almelo-De Haandrik canal near Bruchterveld. Police investigations revealed he had been murdered.

His body had been weighted down with a 17-kilogram tripod from a fire hose when it was found. Furthermore, the body was wrapped in a blanket when it was found in the canal. This was probably done by at least two people, the police think.

At the beginning of this year, the public prosecutor offered a reward of 20,000 euros for the golden tip that would lead to the solution of the murder. That golden tip has not yet been received and the reward is still standing, the police reported earlier.

Hamid S. previously told his story at RTV Oost. He stated that Jafo was a good friend of his and that he was “in great pain” from his death.