Hoogeveen is also going to move tiles, at least ……. | Statement of the week

Europe experienced its warmest summer ever last year and the start of 2023 was remarkably mild in the Netherlands. More greenery in the garden and in the street limits nuisance caused by climate change – such as heat, drought and flooding caused by heavy rain showers. Many neighborhoods and gardens are ‘petrified’, in other words; there are many tiles and paving stones. While a green environment is just so important in more extreme weather. Opportunities are there for the taking in front and back yards. This also applies to the municipality of Hoogeveen

The NK Tegelwippen is therefore not just about the championship, but has a higher, common goal. When tiles are replaced by grass, flowerbeds, trees and facade gardens, the Netherlands becomes more climate-adaptive and biodiverse. More green also makes an important contribution to the quality of life for birds, butterflies, bees and other critters in the garden.

The NK Tegelwippen is organized for the fourth year in a row and runs from March 21 to October 31. The municipality that flips the most tiles per 1000 inhabitants (divided over three rankings) wins the ‘Golden Shovel’. In addition, the municipality with the most flipped tiles wins the ‘Golden Tile’. Residents who tackle their (façade) garden have a chance to win the ‘Publiekswipper award’ and attractive prize packages.

Residents can register wiped tiles via nk-tegelwippen.nl .