Hoogeveen aims for a coalition with four parties, CDA falls outside the boat

Hoogeveen is going for a coalition with GemeenteBelangen (7), PvdA (5), VVD (3) and ChristenUnie (3). This was announced by informer Cees Bijl this evening during the council meeting. It is historic that the CDA (6) does not appear in the plans, the party was previously always in the coalition.

The four parties together have 18 of the 31 seats. Enough for a majority. According to Bijl’s report, several factions have indicated that they no longer see a collaboration between GemeenteBelangen and the CDA.

One possible reason for this is the relationship between the parties in recent years. In 2020, the college of which they both belonged, together with the ChristenUnie, fell. Due to the financial malaise in Hoogeveen and the resignation of a number of aldermen, the relationship between the two parties and the council subsequently came under pressure.

Haaije Feenstra-Paas of the CDA called it a historic moment that his party is being passed. “That is a different choice than the one we would have liked to see,” he says. “We have to accept the fact that there is now a majority coalition without the CDA. We have to give it the time and space to investigate. However, from our party we look at it critically and constructively.”

The number one of the CDA, Annette Jansen-Brandsema, was not present at the meeting. Inquiry shows that it has nothing to do with the information in the report. “Because of health problems, I can’t perform my duties,” says Jansen-Brandsema. “Haaije Feenstra-Paas will take over my work in the coming months.” She regrets that the CDA is not part of the new coalition. “But I agree with what my party colleague said tonight.”

The rest agreed with the proposal of informateur Bijl. Only D66 made a different sound. “Although it is revolutionary that the CDA falls by the wayside, you get the feeling that a lot remains with the old familiar,” says party chairman Marin Rutgers. “In the preliminary phase, a council-wide agreement was also aimed at, also by the largest party GemeenteBelangen. That now appears not to be the case. I find that disappointing.”

Hilma Hooijer of GemeenteBelangen said she was also aiming for this, but in her opinion there was ultimately no majority for it. “We are pleased that a coalition agreement has been considered with room for several parties. As a party, we also have the idea that the voter wants to continue in the way that things are currently arranged in Hoogeveen. The municipal finances in order and a stable board. I hope that as a council we can do our best together.”

It appears from the conversations with the informant that a large group does not want to continue with the business college. The parties prefer to see aldermen who come from their own stables. “Actually, everyone agrees that every party in the coalition will deliver an alderman,” said Bijl. A fifth alderman is not excluded, but quality is paramount. “Being an alderman is a full-time job and Hoogeveen deserves people who take it seriously.”

The informateur’s advice was to look through an external discussion leader for a broad outline of a council agreement with room for input from the opposition. Bijl finally indicated that he would continue to work on confidence within the council in the coming years.