Honorary citizen Willem Vermandere unveils image and panorama frame

    The sculpture in Burgundian limestone ‘Aan de Leie’ was part of the exhibition ‘Continue’ with work by Willem Vermandere in the summer of 2021. Alderman Vanryckegem: “We are now buying the work of art together with the City of Menen to give it a permanent place at Het Applauws in Lauwe, near the Leie. Our honorary citizen Willem Vermandere grew up in Lauwe and as a child often played on the Leie. The towpath, between Kortrijk and Lauwe, was immortalized in his classic ‘Blanche En His Peird’.”

    If you follow the path along the Lys from the artwork, you will also discover a panoramic frame on the bank. This offers Willem Vermandere’s favorite view of the Leie and also contains the lyrics of the song that will remain forever linked to Lauwe and the Leie.

    “I am delighted that two of my Culture and Education competences come together here. The panorama frame was designed and produced by a homegrown school, the VTI Sint-Lucas. The intention is that, in collaboration with the school, we will provide all our honorary citizens realize a panorama frame, two frames a year. For example, Jozef Deleu will also receive his panorama frame in Rekkem this autumn,” concludes a satisfied alderman Griet Vanryckegem.