The municipality of Den Bosch will use the region for the shelter of the homeless. Instead of a large shelter for 28 people in Het Inloopschip in the city, there will be 52 small-scale shelters in Den Bosch and the surrounding region. At the end of December, the Walk-in ship must be empty and everyone must have moved to other reception places.

    The Social Reception Den Bosch has rented the houses, studios and apartments from housing associations in Den Bosch and the regional municipalities such as Vught, Bommelerwaard and Meijerijstad. They want to prevent all homeless people from gathering in the city. There is also the conviction that large-scale shelters are not good for people who are in trouble. A real roof over their heads in their trusted environment and customized guidance should ensure that people recover faster.

    Women’s shelter
    Completely impossible without large-scale shelter for the homeless. The women’s shelter will continue to exist and the shelter for addicts in De Nieuwe Opvang on the Oranje Nassausingel will not disappear either. Novadic-Kentron is leaving there and handing over the baton to Maatschappelijk Opvang Den Bosch.

    People are not supposed to be there for longer than three months. However, from now on passers-by looking for accommodation, often from Eastern Europe, may also knock on the door. The walk-in ship will also be kept in reserve for this group for the time being.

    Alternatives to Den Dungen
    For homeless people who cannot live independently due to serious addiction or psychological problems, there will also be long-term shelter. This is done in the two hostels in Den Bosch and the plan is to realize such a facility in Den Dungen as well. However, due to objections from the neighborhood, the start of this shelter may be delayed. The municipality will look for alternative locations for this target group.

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