Tonight it hit again; an explosion at the house at the Sluis in Heerhugowaard. And that could be heard in half the municipality, says local resident Jaap, who could see the smoke clouds from his back window last night. “I sat up in bed! Last time we thought: ‘this must be a thunderstorm’. But now we knew immediately; ‘it’s too nice weather for thunderstorms’.”

    “At 03:26 we heard a huge bang, I looked at the clock then, so I know exactly what time it was. I live about 100 meters away and it was a really loud bang,” said local resident Jaap.

    On August 18, the house was already destroyed by an explosion. Then the police confirmed to NH Nieuws that this was the third time in a few months that the residents of the house have been the target of such incidents.

    Police say an explosive device may have been thrown into the home this time. The home sustained significant damage from the impact. No one has been arrested yet for the investigation into the explosion in mid-August. Police are currently on site and investigating the cause of the explosion.

    Earlier, the police announced that a couple with a young child lives in the house, and other people live above it. There were no persons in the house during the explosion last night, police confirm.

    ‘Cameras just gone’

    According to local resident Jaap (last name is known to the editors), there were cameras in the area because of the previous explosions, but they were just removed last Friday. The municipality has not yet been able to confirm this.

    Jaap tells NH Nieuws that it is a criminal figure who lives in the house on the Sluis. “He is also proud that he has been in jail and does not care about the police. That is not nice. It will most likely have something to do with that. Let me put it this way; it is a person you would rather have nothing to do with it and stay away from it.”

    The municipality has informed NH Nieuws that it will return to questions about last night’s incident.