Home for sale in Drenthe was a lot cheaper last year

House prices in Drenthe fell sharply on average last year. In the municipality of Tynaarlo, prices for owner-occupied homes fell the most, with an average of 9 percent.

A home there would cost an average of 442,000 euros in 2023. In 2022, that average was still around 486,000 euros.

The decrease fits within the national figures of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). This concluded that the average price of an owner-occupied home in 2023 was lower than in 2022: 416,000 euros compared to 429,000 euros.

Tynaarlo is not the only major decliner in the province. Midden-Drenthe occupies second place with a price drop of 8.8 percent. Third place goes to the municipality of De Wolden, where prices have fallen by almost 5 percent.

What the CBS figures also show is that living in the southeastern corner of Drenthe has become more expensive. Coevorden is the biggest increaser within the provincial borders with an average increase of 2.8 percent. There, the price of an owner-occupied home rose by approximately 10,000 euros.

In Emmen you paid around 297,000 euros for your own home last year, in 2022 that was 295,000 euros. In addition to Emmen and Coevorden, prices in Aa and Hunze and Assen also rose slightly.

The biggest decline is found in the center of the country. If you wanted to move to the municipality of Eemnes, it would have been better to do so last year than in 2022. A home there was 24.1 percent cheaper last year than in 2022.

In the municipality of Zoeterwoude, on the other hand, house prices skyrocketed. Last year it was almost 100,000 euros more expensive than in 2022.

In the map below you can see what the average house prices were in your municipality: