Holiday bonus, but only for pensioners and students

VIt is defined as a holiday bonus for ease but it is different from the others we are used to. For a few years now, in fact, there are no more holiday bonuses aimed at all workers, but there are only reimbursements for holidays up to a certain amount provided by INPS and for specific categories. Which in this case are pensioners, but only if they belong to the management of public employees (formerly Inpdap) and students (but always if children of state employees). However, we have to wait a few more weeks for the relevant tenders.

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Holiday bonus for pensioners

If nothing changes, the announcement that last year was called INPS Senior Summer it should be launched between February and March, therefore shortly. Once it comes out, pensioners registered with three social security schemes will be able to apply for refunds:

  • Unitary management fund for credit and social benefits,
  • Former Credit Fund,
  • Former Ipost fund.

What are the refunds for?

Last year they were disbursed in total, 3,850 staysexclusively in Italy, with the possibility of obtaining a refund of the expense incurred for the stay up to 1,400 euros. This amount is due, however, only when the stays are 14 nights long, for short ones it drops to 800 euros. The same amounts should be also confirmed in 2024.

The INPS pays for the holiday, but only six are retired public employees (Getty Images)

How important is ISEE

But, be careful, why the full refund is only available to those with an ISEE of up to 8,000 euros: otherwise a percentage reduction is applied depending on the thresholds. To apply you will need, apart from the ISEE 2024 which is not mandatory, but still advised because the usual credentials for accessing the INPS site will be needed for a better place in the ranking.

Holiday bonus for students

The tender is also coming Summer INPStogether dedicated to study holidays in the months of June, July and August of the students children of employees and pensioners of the public administration, both in Italy and abroad. In both cases the reimbursement will be valid for the stay aimed at learning foreign languages ​​or increasing specific knowledge, in tourist accommodation facilities, university campuses, colleges and tourist villages.

Who can request it

They can request it all secondary school students and the number of places varies depending on the class and management to which the parents belong. Also in this case, theISEE less than 8,000 euros for which the maximum reimbursement is due, the higher the amount is reduced. The ISEE and also the academic performance of the student, will also be important to obtain a higher score and climb the ranking.