Hitler salute at DFB game against Israel? police investigated

An ugly incident is said to have occurred during the international match of the German national team against Israel. The police have already issued a statement.

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Since a spectator at the international match of the German footballers against Israel (2-0) on Saturday in Sinsheim apparently gave the Hitler salute, the police have initiated an investigation. The Mannheim police confirmed this to the Sport Information Service (SID) on Sunday on request. Sport1 first reported on the incident.

A 28-year-old man was identified and led out of the auditorium, and an ad is now being checked. On Monday, the police want to publish further information in an official statement.

Before the start of the World Cup year in front of 25,600 spectators in the sold-out arena, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) spoke out against anti-Semitism in a video message, among other things. National coach Hansi Flick and DFB director Oliver Bierhoff emphasized that it was a very special game for the German national team in terms of history.