Hit on Insta: boys hide 100 euros and whoever gets there first has a nice day

Hide 50 or 100 euros somewhere in Amsterdam, post a video on Instagram and wait to see how quickly people come to see it. That’s how the guys from the Instagram account Cash Catch work. They have already hidden around 2,000 euros, and this marketing stunt is spreading like wildfire, they now have 186,000 followers. “About sixty people come to each video.”

On a rainy morning, two boys, who want to remain anonymous, hide a hundred note on a bench on the Rokin. He then posts the video on Instagram. “And now we have to leave quickly. Sometimes they are here within a minute,” he says. It doesn’t save much time. After two and a half minutes a boy on a scooter arrives. “Yessss, nice cock. I have it!”, he shouts.

“We get the money because we do business”

The two anonymous backers

Every other day they hide a fifty or hundred euro note somewhere in the city. They then film how quickly people find the note, but also the people who are late. “We usually stay for half an hour. Then we often see around fifty people who pass by in vain.” Is that where the fun lies for them? “No, we want to give people a nice day. And the people who are late can often laugh about it,” the boys say.

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Photo: NH Media

The question is of course: how can two twenty-somethings afford to hide thousands of euros in cash on the street? According to the boys, it’s quite simple. They are both entrepreneurs and say they can easily miss the money. They are also trying to collaborate more with companies on their Instagram account, which already has 186,000 followers (on Monday there were still 160,000). There is also a link on the account and if you click on it, you will see what kind of company they run.

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Photo: NH Media

For today’s lucky finder, it wasn’t the first attempt. “I’ve been following it for a while, but I’m always too late. A few days ago in Zuidoost I just missed it. But this isn’t the last, I’ll keep getting them,” he says.

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