Mattie Valk is attacked for something very personal: his taste. According to Tim den Besten, the rising star of the VPRO, the radio millionaire’s kitchen resembles a crematorium.

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    People who want to buy a kitchen can choose from different types of styles, such as rural, tough, modern, classic and industrial. It is not clear which case Mattie Valk entered exactly, but they have in any case foisted on him the style ‘crematorium-chic’, says Tim den Besten in a critical Instagram story.

    Crematorium chic

    Mattie was in the scattering this weekend BN’er section of the Volkskrant. In the photo, the radio maker is sitting on his ash gray countertop, with his feet against the built-in stainless steel wine cooler. The kitchen? Black. The equipment? Black. The walls? Gray. And on the wall hangs a kind of five-headed gas burner that must pass for art.

    It is all very gloomy, says Tim den Besten. “Spotted a new kitchen style: crematorium chic”, he bitches. “Cold, cool and ready for a nice farewell. #KitchenbladOpbaring.”

    ‘Pizza ready!’

    Tim’s criticism is understandable. Mattie’s kitchen is completely uncluttered. It is the perfect setting to sob around your roast chicken all evening, but it is not exactly inviting to spend a pleasant culinary evening with friends or family.

    To show the similarities, Tim also shows a photo of a cremator. ‘Mattie your pizza is almost ready!’, it says. Below that: ‘Come on!’


    Of course, tastes differ. Mattie apparently likes gray and black very much. The radio maker himself hates light purple, he says in the interview. This is what the letters from the Central Judicial Collection Agency look like. There was another one on his mat. “You just know by that light purple color.”

    Mattie is very upset about it. “Super stupid and super sin, 6 or 7 kilometers too fast. I just smashed through the trajectory control.”

    Angry cancellers

    Incidentally, the short interview with Mattie in his crema kitchen causes angry cancellations. “What a meaningless newspaper De Volkskrant has become. Anyone have any idea what the news value of this article is? So glad I canceled that (Saturday) newspaper,” Mr. Erik roars on Twitter.

    And Mr. Igor: “I hadn’t read the Volkskrant Magazine for a long time, but on the first pages I immediately understand why. RTL Boulevard on paper. Lots of reading pleasure with Qmusic DJ Mattie who seems to be in a nice flow. Even though he had a setback.”

    Crematorium house

    Incidentally, Mattie is not the only celebrity who is accused of having a lurid taste. Guus Meeuwis is ten times worse. He has an entire villa in it crematorium style let build.