Hilarity about new juice tactic Emma Heesters: ‘Such an embarrassment!’

Emma Heesters is quite laughed at by the juice channels. They find the new juicing tactic she tries with her boyfriend Wesley Hoedt embarrassing. “The hacker cheated!”


It has been a year and nine months since footballer Wesley Hoedt’s promiscuous behavior became public. The proof is accidentally provided by his girlfriend Emma Heesters herself: suddenly all his photos have disappeared from her Insta and she appears to have unfollowed him. She has no choice but to admit their relationship dispute. “But it’s good again now!”

Emma Westenberg

Soon Emma starts playing again. Although the evidence from the juice channels is overwhelming, she pretends in front of the RTL Boulevard camera as if it is all lies. Ultimately, she still announces their breakup, but that turns out to be for the stage. Intended to prevent her from being seen as a kind of Monique Westenberg.

The juice channels are on top of it and discover that Emma and Wesley are still in a relationship and even go on holiday together. The whole Emma is just one big media lie, Yvonne Coldeweijer shouted last summer. “They bought an apartment in June for just over 1.1 million. While they have supposedly been separated for six months! 🤣”


After one year and nine months, Wesley now suddenly comes up with one statement on Instagram. “I have never publicly responded to any of the claims and accusations made about me. But now it’s time to set the record straight. During our relationship I was never unfaithful to Emma.”

He continues: “I would never have done anything to undermine the deep respect I have for her. Unfortunately, much of my private information, including the passwords I used for my social media, fell into the wrong hands, leading to an inaccurate and unflattering portrayal of me.”

Love happiness

Then Wesley indicates that he is together with Emma again. “It has been a difficult time that I would like to put behind me. Emma and I have been apart for a while, but we are both grateful to have found each other again. Neither of us will make any further public statements on this matter.”

Ah, so Wesley didn’t cheat, but his hacker pretended? Completely unbelievable, says Juice Channel. After all, the juice channel has evidence that Wesley has indeed cheated, including a screen recording of a social media conversation. In it, the footballer proves to his conversation partner that it is really him.


This new juice tactic from Emma and Wesley is therefore laughable, according to Juice Channel. “It is immediately the worst statement he could have posted. Should have just admitted it. Then you were a man, Wesley. There was so much evidence. This is just laughable. 😂 He is not only embarrassing himself, but also Emma.”

Yvonne Coldeweijer agrees. She writes on her juicechannel: “Oh wow. He had been hacked and that’s why it looked like he was cheating. 😂 Hahaha, this is so embarrassing. Is that what Emma is thinking now? Wowwww.”