Finns have started 2023 very promisingly.

    Heta Tuuri was third with her record jump. Pasi Liesimaa

    Finland’s track and field athletes have smashed their own and sometimes Finnish records in the newly started indoor season. The successful group includes hurdlers, among others Reetta Hurske and Annimari Kortea pole vaulter Wilma Murto and a sprinter Samuel Purola.

    Now you can happily add to that group Heta Tuurin. The high jumper competed in Cottbus, Germany, among well-known competition names, and achieved his own record score of 190. This was enough for third place. Only Ukrainian athletics stars, World Cup and Olympic medalist went ahead Jaroslava Mahučih with a score of 198 and Iryna Herashchenko with a score of 196.

    Those who jumped in last summer’s European Championship finals, such as Montenegro, were behind Tuuri Marija Vuković and Romania Daniel Stanciu. The Finn crossed 175, 180 and 184 on the first attempt and 190 on the second.

    – At the beginning you had semi-fast feet and a slightly different feeling when the audience was so close and everyone was following you. It was mentally taxing, but at the same time it brought good energy and I got the most out of myself, Tuuri recounted in the press release of the Finnish Athletics Federation.

    On his second attempt at a height of 190, there was air between the jumper and the bar. However, the bangs were not enough for the second record jump of the day.

    – There was no over-attempting in the jump of 190 and it went well, but in 193 the speed increased and I got quite high, but the height of the jump should have been moved more towards the bar.

    You can watch the jump that brought Tuuri the bronze from this Youtube link.