Hertha keeper Oliver Christensen cheers on the men in front

    Hertha keeper Oliver Christensen cheers on the men in front Photo: City Press

    From BZ/dpa

    Hertha keeper Oliver Christensen is hoping for a physically robust performance from his team in the next derby against Union Berlin.

    “When you play a derby, you have to be ready from the first second. I wish we would play a little harder,” said the 23-year-old Dane to rbb. “You have to play very physically in the derby. Union does that too. They are aggressive and we have to reciprocate their aggressiveness,” he said.

    Hertha has lost all of the last four city duels, most recently in August at the start of the Bundesliga (1: 3). “We didn’t do well on matchday one, but I think we’re a different team now. I really want to win the game and so does the whole team,” said the goalkeeper. On January 28 (3:30 p.m. / Sky) the second leg is scheduled for the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

    Christensen has been the number one goalkeeper for Charlottenburg since the summer. Germany’s national goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is one of his role models for his goalkeeping game, especially the active running out and playing along. “I’ve developed that further here in Germany and found a good position for myself where I have a good view of the game and can help my defenders when deep balls come – I can then intercept them,” said Christensen.

    The Dane sees room for improvement when playing with the ball at his feet: “If you want to be a top goalkeeper in the Bundesliga, you have to be really good at it.”


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