Heron Preston and H&M unveil their first joint collection

After H&M announced its collaboration with Heron Preston last September, the wait is now over.

The Swedish fashion group and the American designer and Been Trill founder have now presented the first collection as part of their partnership “H2”, which will be launched on March 14th. The collection, based on Heron Preston’s design DNA, “is a uniform tailored to the attitude and street style of New York,” H&M said on Friday.

The streetwear-influenced range, which follows a unisex approach, includes a reversible bomber jacket, cotton hoodies, denim and a racing jersey, but also bodysuits, cycling shorts, tank tops and bikinis. However, particular attention is paid to the use of recycled materials, such as 100 percent recycled polyester or jeans with a 20 percent recycled cotton content. The collection is priced between 19.99 euros and 249 euros.

“We’re excited to launch this diverse, long-term partnership with such a strong first collection that democratizes Heron Preston’s creative vision and makes it accessible to people around the world,” said Ross Lydon, Head of Men’s Design at H&M. “I think we will accomplish many wonderful things together over time, and this is just a first step.”

In addition to the recycled materials in the collection, the circular idea is also at the heart of the circular fashion program “H2 Exchange”, which was launched as part of the collaboration. The aim is to equip a new generation of designers with a circular mindset and skills.

The project starts with an open call for young designers from New York. Three talents are then selected to work with Preston to design a collection of upcycled fashion using donated second-hand clothing.