Heroine d’oggi Literary Award, 2024 call open

NoIn our “career” as readers we have met positive and negative characters, energetic or staid women, who however, within the folds of the plot, of which they were not always the main protagonists, inspired us, gave us a spark.

From “Madame Vitti” to “La crepa e la luce”: the book heroines of 2022 nominated for the iO Donna Award

This is why iO Donna created the Heroine d’oggi Literary Award, dedicated to the female characters who most impressed us during the year.

Regulations of the Heroines of Today Literary Prize

Italian novels by male or female authors published in the period from November 2023 to October 2024 are eligible to participate. Self-published books are not accepted.

Among the reports received from readers and the editorial staff, a shortlist of 5 finalists was drawn. Among these, a jury of booksellers, chosen from all over Italy, and two members of the iO Donna editorial team, will identify the winner.

They are part of the jury of booksellers: Benedetta Andrigo (Nautilus Coop, Mantua), Enza Campino (Tuttilibri, Formia), Maria Laterza (Laterza, Bari), Barbara Pieralice (Nuova Europa, Rome), Eleonora Tassoni (Rinascita, Ascoli), Manuela Stefanelli (Hoepli, Milan) .

Reports should be sent via email to: [email protected]