Hernán Casciari: A creator without limits

It is very difficult to describe Casciari’s career in a few lines. Not only because he has written all kinds of texts -novels, short stories, chronicles, comics, scripts, plays, columns and newspaper articles- but also because his creative work is a unique amalgamation of writing and self-management. . Casciari is the kind of artist who invents his own rules every day and never settles for the obvious options offered by the cultural market.

He was born in the city of mercedes in 1971 and he started working as a journalist as a teenager, he wrote stories and never stopped again.

When blogs were born, he became a master of online publications and it was from his “Fat Woman’s Weblog” which achieved its first great success. The story was transformed, first, into the novel “More respect than I am your mother.” Later, in the play of the same name starring Antonio Gasalla., the highest grossing piece of the Argentine stages. And now the film starring Florencia Peña and Diego Peretti has been released.

Lived in Barcelona, ​​Montevideo and Buenos Aires. worked in the newspaper El País and La Nación, and published in Sudamericana and Mondadori, but in 2010 he kicked the board and opened their own magazines (Orsai and Bonsai) and his own book publisher. Around these times, he reads his stories on the radio, on podcasts, on television and acts in his plays, where he usually brings the family together on stage.

His most recent adventure is Orsai Audiovisuals, a collaborative project to make series and films. With the contribution of 1,960 producer partners, the platform made and premiered the film “La Uruguaya”, based on the bestseller by Pedro Mairal. The film has already been sold to an international streaming company, which allowed those who believed in it to recover what they contributed. A series, “Canelones”, has just started filming and another film that he will direct next year Diego Peretti, has already raised more than 800,000 dollars.

For Hernán Casciari, now also a producer, imagination is the only limit.

by RN

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