Here Shakira is fished out of the water as a mermaid

“Copa Vacia”, the first song by Manuel Turizo and Shakira, tells the story of two lovers who fight to somehow still manage their feelings, even when everything speaks against it.

“Hace rato tengo sed de ti / yo no sé por qué / Quedo con ganas de más y queriendo beber de una copa vacía” they sing in the song’s chorus. Translated, it roughly translates to, “I’ve been dying for you for a while / I don’t know why / You’ve left me wanting more / And I want to drink from an empty cup.”

More exciting than the somewhat flat reggaeton beat and the clichéd lines about the hardships of love (“Put down the phone and take my hand” or “I ask for warmth and you’ll only give me ice cream”) is the accompanying music video, in which Shakira is seen as a mermaid who is rescued by Turizo (why?) and then ends up in a large vat. In between there are a few intimate moments together while dancing in the pouring rain.

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Turizo has been begging for a number of years to collaborate with the singer, who claims to have been his muse since he was a little kid. It is possible that the not entirely anger-free separation from her husband Gerard Piqué (the FC Barcelona kicker cheated on her with another woman who looks like a much younger Shakira double) brought the right fire for the somewhat cheesy love drama duet.