Here is the winner of the Putous sketch character competition!

Two characters competed in the finals of the Putous sketch character competition. BEWARE OF PLOT REVEALS!

Here are all the sketch characters from this season. MTV

The fall The 16th season ended today.

During the last episode of the season, we also saw the final of the sketch character competition, where two characters competed: a young man created by Juuso “Köpi” Kallio Ville Valtteri Lahtinen mixed Nicklas “Nikke” Pohjolan character, the most wanted bachelor in all of Finland Matty McConaughey.

During the season, the characters have presented their lives, achievements and, for example, their most important objects to the public and home viewers.

The winner of the fall sketch character competition was decided by the viewers by voting.

As a result of the vote, the sketch character competition was won by Matti McConaughey!

Matti McConaughey is the winner of Putos’ 16th season sketch character competition. MTV