Here are the 50 best restaurants in Finland – No. 1 has been the same for the fifth year

The winner of the restaurant poll organized by the online publication Viisi stærna was the restaurant Palace.

Restaurant Palace hall. Tommi Anttonen

Restaurant industry professionals voted restaurant Palace as the winner of the list of the 50 best restaurants in Finland for the fifth time in a row.

Eero Vottonen Palace is Finland’s only restaurant with two Michelin stars.

The editor-in-chief of the Viisi estterna publication Eeropekka Rislakki said at the award ceremony organized in Messukeskus that this year there are 10 restaurants that opened this year on the list of the 50 best restaurants, correspondingly 17 restaurants on the previous list fell below the 50 list.

Among the restaurants that opened this year and immediately entered the top 50 are Scolare, Italian bistro Gina and restaurant 305.

Rislakki reminds that there are 13,000 restaurants in Finland, so getting on the top 100 list is a big achievement. According to him, it is noteworthy that there are many bistros and their subgenres on the list. There is French, local food, Italian bistro, new bistro.

– Classicism is highlighted in this difficult time. Support is taken from the bedrock called classicism, Rislakki states.

Kalle Kiukainen and Niki Thieulon of Basbas, Finland’s 3rd best restaurant. Thieulon was also selected as the professional of the professionals. Tommi Anttonen

A professional for professionals: Nicolas Thieulon

Best Newcomer: restaurant 305, Helsinki

Best beer list: Zero, Helsinki

Best wine list: Muru, Helsinki

The most innovative: Weird, Helsinki

The best atmosphere: Basbas, Helsinki

The best change maker: Toni Kostian

Best service: Palace, Helsinki

Restaurant Bistro Bardot is ranked 10th this year. Eeva Paljakka

Finland’s 50 best restaurants 2024

1. Palace, Helsinki

2. Grön, Helsinki

3. Basbas, Helsinki

4. Kaskis, Turku

5. Savoy, Helsinki

6. Vinkkeli, Helsinki

7. Smör, Turku

8. Creativity blooms from chaos, Helsinki

9. Bona fide, Helsinki

10. Bistro Bardot, Helsinki

11. Vår, Porvoo

12. Le Coucouvert, Helsinki

13. Cafe Savoy, Helsinki

14. Demo, Helsinki

15. Alexanderplats, Helsinki

16. Olo, Helsinki

17. Kuurna, Helsinki

18. 305, Helsinki

19. Brasa, Helsinki

20. Kajo, Tampere

21.Scolare, Helsinki

22. Finnjävel, Helsinki

23. Wellamo, Helsinki

24. Zero, Helsinki

25. Boulevard Seafood & Bar, Helsinki

26. Mami, Turku

27. Restaurant Huber, Tampere

28. Muru, Helsinki

29. Sicapelle, Porvoo

30. Solitary, Rantasalmi

31. Strange, Helsinki

32. Ragu, Helsinki

33. Nokka, Helsinki

34. Le Ankka, Helsinki

35. Bistro Gina, Helsinki

36. Pastis, Helsinki

37. Mat Distrikt, Helsinki

38. Bistro O Mat, Kirkkonummi

39. Kosmos, Helsinki

40. Gastro Cafe Kallio, Helsinki

41. The Bull & the Firm, Helsinki

42. Goose pasta bar, Helsinki

43. Sky Kitchen & View, Rovaniemi

44. Liv, Tampere

45. Bistro le Coin, Helsinki

46. ​​Pompier Espa, Helsinki

47. Terti manor, Mikkeli

48. Bistro Eloisa, Tampere

49. Spis, Helsinki

50. Restaurant Bertha, Tampere

The 50 Best Restaurants in Finland poll was held for the 16th time. The voters were professionals in the restaurant, beverage and food industries as well as media representatives from different parts of the country. The annual Finland’s 50 Best Restaurants list and voting is carried out by the horeca media Viisi Tähte.