Henna Kalinainen’s sixth day in the hospital – Pneumonia and blood poisoning raised the inflammation levels and fever to sky high levels

Henna Kalinainen’s Easter is spent on antibiotics.

Henna Kalinainen says that getting sick was a stopping experience. INKA SOVERI

Among other things, Henna Kalinainen, known from the Gossip Moms series, said on Good Friday in her Instagram stories that she was in the hospital:

– Day 5 going in a hospital in Helsinki. The beginning was a struggle for survival. Inflammation values ​​400, blood poisoning and severe pneumonia, Kalinainen announced on Instagram.

– I can’t bring myself to open the matter here right now. Thank you to my incredible family and friends for the support so far, he continued.

Iltalehti reached Kalinainen, who was coughing badly, on Saturday. He was still in the hospital, where he ended up by ambulance last Monday.

– The ambulance visited the house once before, but the first time they didn’t take me for a ride. We only suspected a bad flu.

– Then I got so bad that we went to the hospital. The fever rose to forty. I was in such bad shape that I wouldn’t have been able to go to the hospital on my own, says Kalinainen.

Kalinai has bacterial pneumonia that has spread over a wide area. The same bacteria has also entered the bloodstream and caused blood poisoning.

He has been on an antibiotic drip since Monday.

– Nothing happened for the first three days, I just gasped for oxygen like a fish on dry land. But now it seems that the antibiotics are starting to work. The most important thing would be to get the dangerously high inflammation value down.

– At first, it was a pretty hopeless feeling. All concentration went to breathing. I also received supplemental oxygen, Kalinainen says about the cough break.

He has a strong desire to get better quickly and get to his 2-year-old daughter. The whole Easter seems to be spent in the hospital now.

– We just have to hope that everything goes well. The computed tomography showed that at least there is nothing worse in the lungs. So I haven’t had to have an emergency or a lung transplant.

– But there hasn’t been much time to think about anything other than whether and how to get through this.

Kalinainen has only been in contact with her daughter by phone.

– This is not the kind of place that children should visit. But luckily he has good support networks there, father and grandmother, Kalinainen sighs.

– This has been an arresting experience. Reinstates the values ​​of life, the woman continues.

Kalinainen promises to tell more about her illness Vilma Karjalainen in the Mamma Mia podcast he holds with, as long as you say hello.

Henna Kalinainen took part in the Olet tima syot program in 2020.