Hélène Hendriks lashes out at gossip magazine Party: ‘They were still calling!’

Hélène Hendriks thinks it is very silly that the gossip magazine Party suggests that she will get married soon. She says in Today Inside that the magazine has even called her.


“Hilversum whispers: Hélène Hendriks gets married,” says the cover of the latest Party. “Despite the silence surrounding her love life, there has been a persistent rumor going around for a long time. Reportedly, Hélène and her boyfriend would like to crown their love with marriage and perhaps even a child.”

Mysterious marriage

The Party does point out the age of the presenter. “Hélène is now 43 years old and there are plenty of stars who had a child at this age; just think of famous women such as Trijntje Oosterhuis, Patricia Paay, the sisters Katja and Birgit Schuurman and singer Anouk…”

The gossip magazine continues: “If the rumor is true, Hélène would like to crown her love with the yes. The marriage will certainly take place in complete secrecy, so that her partner can maintain his mysterious status. It is hoped that this will work out for both of them…”

‘What nonsense!’

Wilfred Genee asks Hélène to what extent this is correct. “I also read, or at least I was just told, that you are getting married,” he says sarcastically at the table Today Inside.

Hélène: “Nice, huh?”

Wilfred: “Yes, how good. Congratulations, dude. A talk show, getting married…”

Hélène: “You are all invited. I just don’t know where, when or with whom, but that’s just a side issue. That doesn’t matter much. Just a fun party.”

‘That’s fine, right?’

Wilfred then seriously: “Where does it come from that you are getting married? Because I just heard it here.”

Hélène: “That was in some gossip magazine. They then have to make a story and then it says that I might get married this year. Then it becomes: ‘She’s getting married.’ Then they call me and I say, ‘Well, no.’ But then it says: ‘She’s getting married.’ Yes, that’s fine, right? I do not mind.”

Don’t get married

It’s strange that you get a call, you deny it, but then the story still appears, says Hélène. “I’m not getting married. Yes, it could still happen this year, someone will have to ask me. I wouldn’t rule it out.”

She is in a relationship. “Yes, but I wasn’t asked.”

Is that a hint? “Yes! Yes! There will be a wedding this year, I think. Hahaha. Nah, I don’t really care about getting married, I guess. I like a dress like that, I like it.”