Helena Lindgren opens the atmosphere of Aira Samulin’s memorial service

Aira Samulin’s memorial service was organized at Bulla’s corner after the blessing ceremony.

Aira Samulinin a longtime friend Helena Lindgren, 66, attended the dancer legend’s funeral and memorial service. The funeral of Samulin, who died in October at the age of 96, was held in Helsinki’s Old Church on December 1.

He describes to Iltalehte his feelings about the memorial service, which was organized after the blessing ceremony at the corner of Bulla. Only invited guests were welcome to the event.

– It was such a wonderful and warm atmosphere. Great speeches and the most moving moment was when Rytmikkät danced. In addition, there was a great devotional service in the church. We still went to Strindberg with a small group, says Lindgren, referring to a restaurant in Helsinki.

– Aira received the warm and beautiful memorial party she deserved, where she was loved and respected. We felt a good sense of togetherness, he adds.

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Helena Lindgren feels that Aira got the warm and beautiful memorial party she deserved. Atte Kajova

Lindgren feels that dance was very present at the blessing and memorial service in a manner worthy of Samulin. However, after a nice memorial party, Lindgren feels that he is so broken that he can hardly raise his hand anymore.

– At the moment I’m quite tired, but maybe tomorrow will be better (feeling). All in all, I feel so good and warm that now I feel a little tired. Of course, with Aira’s death and the Funeral, the feelings have changed a bit, he reflects.

Lindgren and Samulin met for the first time in the 1970s and their acquaintance deepened into friendship in the 1980s. According to Lindgren, they were especially united by a similar sense of humor and attitude to life. Jorma Uotinen through they eventually became family friends.