Heilooër (20) arrested for brutal robberies on Alkmaar’s family and pizza delivery boy

A young man (20) from Heiloo has been arrested on suspicion of involvement in two robberies with a gun. The police think that he first assaulted and robbed an Alkmaar family in December last year. Less than ten days later, a pizza delivery boy in Grootebroek is threatened. The suspect may not have acted alone.

It all started on September 18, 2022 in Alkmaar, when a group of robbers broke into a house on the Muiderwaard around 8:55 p.m., armed with a knife and gun.

According to the police, a family is violently abused, only to hand over their personal belongings under threat. In the end, nothing is stolen.

Pizza delivery man is threatened

Less than ten days later, it hits again, when a meal delivery driver drives to the Pandhof in Grootebroek around 11:45 p.m. to deliver an order. Once he arrives at the address, two boys meet him. “We ordered these pizzas,” it would say.

But when the delivery man wants to pay for the pizzas, he is threatened with an object that looks like a firearm. The two boys then quietly walk away. It is not yet clear whether anything was stolen. The 20-year-old Heilooer would also have been involved in this.

He remains in custody and his role in both incidents is under investigation. The police inform NH that they cannot rule out several arrests.