Heavily drunk Hoofddorpse snatched off the road with car

She swung from one side of the road to the other, spoke with a double tongue when arrested and reeked of alcohol once again. A motorist from Hoofddorp made it very furious yesterday: she drank seven times more than allowed and got behind the wheel completely drunk.

The woman immediately noticed the police when she drove on the Van Heuven Goedhartlaan yesterday afternoon. In addition to swinging a lot, she also drove very slowly. It was therefore immediately suspected that the woman had been drinking.

This soon became apparent: when the police pulled the woman over with her car, they not only immediately smelled the alcohol smell, but they also saw that the woman was acting very strangely.

After a first breathalyzer she had to go to the office for a breath test. It turned out that she had indeed looked too deeply into the glass.

Punishment and fine

The Hoofddorpse was arrested and questioned by the police. The public prosecutor will decide what punishment she will receive, she will probably lose her driving license and will have to follow a course on the negative influence of alcohol use on road safety. Moreover, she has to pay for this expensive course herself.