Hearts 2 on Rai 1: previews of the plot of the fourth episode

Cchanges in sight at the Molinette hospital in Turin. In tonight’s new episode of Hearts (on Rai 1 at 9.30pm) on Doctor Mosca will suffer some serious shocks, both on a personal and professional level. His career is on the verge of collapse. He will be investigated by the judiciary for having stolen financial resources from the hospital.

Cuori, the Rai drama about the pioneers who revolutionized cardiac surgery

Inspector Giraudo questions both Mosca and Corvaraand learns about the personal story of Delia: he will be the one to dig into the cardiologist’s past and find the name of the biological mother. Alberto signs the papers of marriage with Karen.

Hearts 2: plot of the fourth episode

At the end of the previous episode Elvira, Doctor Mosca’s wife (Andrea Gherpelli)is involved in an accident with her husband’s car. The consequences are unexpected: the woman dies instantly. Elvira was obsessed with Agata and from jealousy towards Enrico, but someone premeditated that accident, in fact there are no signs of braking on the asphalt. The inspector Giraudo (Alessandro Tersigni) investigate the dynamics of what happened. Maybe it’s murder.

Giraudo interrogates Enrico Mosca and some of his enemies, among which Cesare Corvara (Daniele Pecci) and a worker fired by Dalmasso. During the interrogations the policeman discovers the Moscow’s shady plans to the damage of the hospital and the plan Corvara to frame the head doctor.

Delia’s biological mother

Delia (Pilar Fogliati) is shocked after finding out that she was adopted by her parents. The aspect that pains him the most is having discovered it by pure chance. «Maybe they did it to protect you», Marcello suggests to him, when he learns of the fact. And he will be the one to bring it to the cardiologist name of his biological mother: her name is Lidia and she still lives in Turin.

Pilar Fogliati. (Rai press office)

Delia is unable to return homeevery night he sleeps in the hospital for look after little Anna, who suffers from apnea, and to avoid the mother who hid the truth from her for all those years. Now her desire is to meet the biological motherbut can’t find the courage to do it. She is encouraged by Alberto (Matteo Martari), who still remains the most solid point of reference for the cardiologist. The surgeon, between one emergency and another, the role of doctor and father, finds a moment to sign the marriage papers together with Karen. The happy event should take place in a month, Something doesn’t add up in Alberto’s eyes. Delia wanders in her thoughts.

Matteo Martari and Daniele Pecci. (Rai press office)

Luisa is operated on by her brother Alberto

Luisa is increasingly weaker and has repeated syncopes. Alberto cannot wait and decides to operate on his sister and implant the first pacemaker made in Italy, now perfected by his engineer friend Riccardo Tosi. To support him The old friend is in the operating room Cesare Corvaraeager to regain his position as head physician at Molinette. The operation is successful and Luisa is saved.

Fausto, Ginevra and Helmut’s secret

In the previous episode of Hearts we had left Fausto (Carmine Boschini) desperate and intent on throwing himself into the Po. Common sense made him give up, but he is torn apart by jealousy in comparison to Helmut Beckerthe young German doctor she is seeing beloved Ginevra and increasingly the operating room alongside Alberto Ferraris. In tonight’s episode we will see a change of direction.

Ginevra is confusedhe can’t forget Fausto, his feeling is still alive. Their very testy relationship in this second season loosens, the two become more complicit despite it Helmut. And precisely on the young medical talent they will discover a secret.