Hearts 2, last episode on Rai 1: previews of the plot and cast

Ulast heartbeats for Hearts 2. Up tonight Rai 1 (at 9.30pm) the season finale of the set drama airs in the 1960s at the Molinette Hospital of Turin. Delia and Alberto will finally be able to be together or will there still be some obstacle to prevent their relationship? Maybe the inspector Giraudo he will do his part. There are all the signs that point towards a third season.

Cuori, the Rai drama about the pioneers who revolutionized cardiac surgery

While the affairs of hearts flare up among the protagonists of the various departments, little Anna undergoes heart surgery. Alberto manages to implant the micro pacemaker made in Italy. Everyone wonders what will happen to Enrico Mosca after the death of his wife Elvira and incarceration on charges of homocide and if the young man Helmut will he be able to find space in the hospital or will he be forced to leave after the lies about graduation.

Hearts 2: the plot of the last episode

The delivery boy Bino is arrested by inspector Marcello Giraudo (Alessandro Tersigni) after Gaia’s suspicions. The man confesses that he wanted to scare Doctor Mosca (Andrea Gherpelli) because he was building an empire behind the backs of poor people, but that he had no intention of killing Elvira. Only in the third season will we know if he will be sentenced to life in prison. Mosca at this point is released from prison, but it must think about the custody of your daughterswhich his father-in-law wants to take away from him, and his future with Agata (Gaia Messeglinger, in the series Supersex is Moana Pozzi), still in love with him. “We can start all over again.”

At Molinette, however, we think about the future of little Annawhich absolutely must be operated on. «There’s no more time»Alberto is convinced (Matteo Martari). But someone kidnaps her. Who could be behind that crazy gesture? The biological father temporarily released from prison? Giraudo investigateswhile trying to find an answer about his relationship with Delia (Pilar Fogliati), who finally lets go. The love story between Karen and Alberto, however, is at odds.

Will Delia love Alberto forever?

Delia mends her relationship with the mother who raised hernow what torments her is little Anna’s operation and Alberto. Cwill try in every way to forget him, even in this last episode. He will still get closer to Marcello, they will kiss, but perhaps behind that kiss there is no love, there is an attempt to erase a strong feeling. If she remains in Turin, at Molinette, working side by side with Alberto, the cardiologist will not be able to forget him. Delia will make an unexpected decision.

Alberto will have to decide who will be his right hand man: Fausto (Carmine Boschini) or Helmut? It is Caesar’s peremptory order (Daniele Pecci) who want to rebuild a life together with Beatrice. The surgeon will make a decision after the delicate operation the little girl will have to undergo Anna.

Pilar Fogliati and Matteo Martari. (Rai press office)

The relationship between Karen and Alberto seems to be deteriorating

Karen and Alberto they are to be married soon. However, their relationship doesn’t proceed as it should. The former stewardess realizes this more and more, after speaking with He knows and having noticed some protective behavior on the part of her future husband towards Delia. «We are going through a delicate moment in the hospital due to Anna’s operation», he justifies Alberto. In reality the surgeon knows well what they are the feelings he has for Delia. Will he be able to give up everything for her?

Meanwhile Karen meets a friend and her ex-partner after some timea pilot who still feels love for that blonde girl who loved dancing and having fun between one stopover and another.

«You sacrificed everything for Alberto? And did he do the same for you? He – he asks her – your place is in the clouds with me». A beautiful declaration of love. In this last episode we will also understand how the relationship between the iron worker will continue Serenella and the radiologist Andrew (Paolo Conticini) and what the future of Molinette is with Caesar in command. Something unexpected projects towards the third season.