He was rescued in the 155th hour of the earthquake! Little Semih Ege wants to meet İnci Icardi

The biggest dream of 11-year-old Semih Ege İnci, who was rescued 155 hours after the rubble of his house in Gaziantep’s Nurdağı district during the February 6 earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş and lost his family, is to spend time with Icardi under the Galatasaray jersey at RAMS Park Stadium.

Semih Ege, who was caught with his family in the Yunus Kaya Apartment in Bahçelievler District during the earthquake on February 6, was removed from the rubble 155 hours after the earthquake by the search and rescue officers of Zeytinburnu and Kaş municipalities and teams of Soma miners.

He asked the team that took him out for a bottle of water and asked, “What do you want with your ice cream?” “Bring all the ice cream, all the drinks. Bring banana ice cream too.” Semih Ege, whose answer was recorded on camera, lost his father Halil İbrahim, his mother Seher and his 4-year-old sister Elif Ece in the earthquake.

Galatasaray fan Semih Ege had a video call with Muslera, whom he was a fan of, while he was in the hospital.

Semih, a 4th grade primary school student who was discharged after a short treatment and lives in a container in Nurdağı district with his uncle Harun Aslan, entered the semester break with a certificate of achievement.

Semih, who is devoted to football as well as his education, spends most of the day playing ball with his friends in the empty land near the container.


Semih Ege İnci said that he stayed in the wreckage for nearly 7 days.

Stating that he did not know how the hours passed, Semih Ege explained what he remembered about the moment of rescue as follows:

“I was getting very hungry under the rubble and I was sleeping all the time. Suddenly I heard a sound and a man came in next to me. I called out but he couldn’t make a sound. He was so focused. He drilled a hole somewhere and then they called out to me. They gave me a mask to breathe. Then they pulled me out and rescued me.”

Semih Ege, who stated that he started living in a container with his uncle’s family after his days in the hospital, stated that his mother especially gave importance to education, that he loved school and his teachers very much, and that he did his homework on time, as he learned from his mother.

Stating that he always plays ball in his spare time, Semih said, “My lessons are very good, my Turkish, mathematics, social studies, science, religious culture and English lessons are 100. I received a first term achievement certificate for this.” said.


Expressing that he wants to be a football player for Galatasaray when he grows up, Semih conveyed his dream with the following words:

“I’m wearing a Galatasaray jersey, side by side with Icardi. When the match starts, 52 thousand people applaud me. It’s at the Ali Sami Yen Stadium. I assist him, he scores a goal, this time he assists me, I score a goal. One he scores, one me. I’m throwing it. My idol in football is Icardi. While there are Messi and Ronaldo, my idol is Icardi. I think it’s better because. I want to meet Icardi. If possible, I want to meet live side by side. If it is not possible, I would like to have a video call on the phone. I want his signed jersey. I want to watch the Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe derby at the stadium. I would like.”


Uncle Harun Aslan also said that he loved Semih very much and had a close relationship with him since childhood. Stating that Semih is in good health, Aslan said:

“We sleep together with Semih. His father lived in Diyarbakır for about 4 years due to his job. Semih was living with us then. He is used to us since then. In fact, he grew up with us. Now we spend every day together. Yesterday we went to Yedi Kuyular Ski Resort and skied. Sometimes “We go to the movies, sometimes we play ball. Now, if we are lucky, we are building a new house. Semih will have his own room. He wants Icardi posters in his new room. Hopefully, we can move to a new house in 2-3 months.”