He rides his scooter and is hit by a bus, killing a 19-year-old

Tragedy in Bergamo. The boy wanted to get on the vehicle to go to breakfast with friends

Zaccaria Belatik, the boy who was hit and killed by a bus, was 19 years old. The accident occurred in Bergamo, in Piazzale Marconi, a crossroads of the bus, railway and tram stations. The tragedy occurred around 8.40am on Sunday 18 February.

the reconstruction

According to initial reconstructions, the young man was riding his scooter, which he was pushing on foot at the time, and was hit by the bus he was reaching to get on with his friends. In fact, Belatik lived with his family in Brembate, also in the Bergamo area. He had reached some friends in the center of Bergamo on another bus. The driver of the vehicle that hit him was unharmed, but in shock: he reported that he had not seen the young man as he left after the scheduled stop. The boy was dragged for a few meters: even the friends who were with him and who witnessed the tragedy from a short distance were in shock. As mentioned, the small group wanted to reach another area of ​​Bergamo, the Borgo Palazzo district, to have breakfast: however, given that the first tram was still 10 minutes away and that at the same time they noticed the line 8 bus arriving, they had opted to the bus and they started running trying to catch it.