“He fooling around”: Maslatón’s accusation of Milei for the trip to Israel and Rome

The former militant of Freedom Advances and liberal lawyer, Carlos Maslatontargeted the president of the Nation for his decision to travel abroad, in the midst of the hot debate of the failed project called the omnibus law in the Chamber of Deputies. The financial market analyst was incisive in a post against his former ally.

“Do you know why Milei went on a trip? He believed that he already had the bus all arranged and that then he could go jetting to Rome and Jerusalem. But do you know why? The guy still doesn’t know that the “general approval” is a mere parliamentary authorization for the “particular vote,” Maslatón explained.

But it didn’t all end there. The former reference of the UCeDe, In the 80s, he added to the post a memory of the years in which Javier Milei He was a national deputy. “And it seems that he has mental obstacles to understand it, it already happened to him when he was a deputy, they voted in general and he left the room. Then things that were not foreseen were crossed out or approved in particular and he was rambling outside Congress,” the lawyer highlighted with a certain mischief.

The animosity between Carlos Maslatón and Javier Milei It comes from a few years ago. A few months ago, the lawyer revealed a friction that he had in the past with the current president. “I’m not going to give details now, but I was on a television program and it seems that, due to pressure from Milei, due to the possibility of him being president, they told me ‘you have to be outside.’ They told me that I couldn’t be there anymore,” Maslatón had revealed in the program Public opinion by The nine and added: “I have no more dialogue with Milei, he is a fascist. He is not liberal, he is an absolutely fascist and undemocratic person.”

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