‘He acts just like Beyoncé’

André Hazes jr. has wiped his entire page on Instagram and that causes commotion. What exactly is going on here? “He’s just doing exactly what Beyoncé is doing now.”

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The Instagram page by André Hazes jr. currently looks sadly empty. He followed 1,067 people and had more than 6,400 photos online, but he unfollowed and deleted them all. There remains a page with almost 900 thousand followers, but without content. What’s going on here?


Dyantha Brooks brought up this shocking event last night in Show news. “André Hazes had a kind of convulsion on Instagram.”

Colleague Anouk Smulders describes the panic that has arisen. “Everyone was shocked, because it’s just completely empty. He took everything off, he removed people he was following.”

Just like Beyonce

According to Anouk, people are on top of it. “Of course it is always with him: whether he goes left or right, something always happens and then the whole world jumps on top of it. I find it remarkable, but it seems that international stars do it more often if…”

Colleague Ronald Molendijk gives the redeeming answer. He adds: “If there is an announcement of new music. Beyoncé too and many more people have just done that.”

‘Does it work?’

It’s no secret that André likes to compare himself to big international stars, because according to critics he suffers from a form of megalomania.

Anouk: “Does it work that way?”

Ronald: “You’re talking about it, so apparently you are.”

Anouk: “That more people keep an eye on what he is going to do again on social media?”

Ronald: “Yes, if he posts something, it will come up again.”