My sister is the only child of Cecilia Lavatore: the review by Aldo Cazzullo

Aldo Cazzullo (photo by Carlo Furgeri Gilbert).

buio. Curtain. Light. That is to say, Luciana Romoli. Renamed “Light” by the Garibaldi Brigade of the sixth zone of Rome. Partisan to the bone, partisan from the tip of the head to the tip of the toes. Partisan forever.

Born in Casalbertone, a village on the eastern outskirts of the capital, the third of ten children. She is ninety-three years old. Very shiny since 1930. My sister is an only childthe new book by Cecilia Lavatoreis published by Red Star Press and is a collection of stories in the female singular.

Among others, that of Luce Romoli, a very young relay in Rome occupied by the Nazi-fascistsand still that of the actress Franca Copperengaged for an entire career together with her husband and stage partner Dario Fo.

And then there is the controversial story of the worker Luana D’Oraziowho died in the factory at the age of twenty-two from a tampered with machine, that of the Iranian Mahsa Aminiof Afghanistan Frostan Safiof Pakistani Saman Abbasvictims of religious extremism, that of the Syrian swimmer Yusra Mardinifirst a migrant and then an Olympic champion, that of the Kurdish musician Nude Durakimprisoned in Turkey for the subversive component of her songs and so on in a journey through some of the most significant past and present struggles fought for emancipation and for women’s rights in the world.

“My sister is an only child” by Cecilia Lavatore (Red Star Press).

The sisters of My sister is an only child they are very different, outside the box, against the tide, sometimes marginalized and often alone, yet, also close, courageous and side by side in a single journey in a stubborn and opposite direction.

With the strength of their passions, generative of life and horizons, they emerge from the intense and pressing pages of Lavatore to tell their personal version of the word “freedom”. Injustices and oppression, gender-based violence, racism, prejudices, fragility, difficulties in pursuing their dreams, become living matter to be deeply felt so as not to forget the urgency of their causes.

In Iran, hundreds of female students poisoned with gas: someone wants them to no longer go to school

The author moves with delicate firmness between news stories and historical eventsbetween famous and other unknown figures, met during his travels and his personal experiences and traces with his peculiar and exuberant style portraits full of desperate beauty and inexhaustible hope.

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