Hazes war in Torremolinos? ‘Monique’s mother fires rocket’

Unbelievable but true: Rachel Hazes’ new brasserie in the Spanish seaside resort of Torremolinos is a stone’s throw from the home of Monique Westenberg’s mother…

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There is quite a commotion about Rachel Hazes’ new brasserie, because there would be a fight in the tent and it would cause enormous noise pollution. These sounds were first reported on Friday evening in Shownieuws, which was based on ‘sources in Torremolinos’. Who are those sources anyway? Is Mama Westenberg starting a smear campaign?

Two camps

What turns out: Rachel runs her new catering business a stone’s throw from the home of Annemarie Westenberg, the mother of her daughter-in-law whom she hates so much: Monique Westenberg. “There seem to be two camps,” says show expert Bart Ettekoven Show news.

Which camps are those? “On the one hand, people who say: ‘Things are going really well, it’s great fun, it’s packed,’ and on the other hand people who say: ‘The music is too loud, the neighbors are bothered by noise and there is a lot of confusion among the staff.’”

Bit jealous

Colleague Patty Brard does not rule out that a smear campaign is being waged. “It may have to do with the fact that Monique Westenberg’s mother – who also lives there – has a lot of friends in Carihuela. That has of course made it a kind of Westenberg camp, because she obviously doesn’t suit Rachel and Rachel doesn’t suit her.”

She continues: “That has ensured that her friends do not go to Brasserie Hazes. So you have two camps: a Hazes camp and a Westenberg camp. You can actually say that the problem has moved from here to there. Hahaha.”

‘Really very ugly’

Patty really thinks there is something fishy going on in this area. “It strikes me that a lot of people are really nasty about the brasserie and about the music that is too loud and whether it has a permit.”

She concludes: “That it is a bumblebee in Torremolinos, that is one thing for sure.”