Harsh reaction from Sivasspor after the Fenerbahçe match: A dark night for Turkish football!

EMS Yapı Sivasspor was defeated away by Fenerbahçe with a score of 4-1 in the 14th week of Trendyol Super League. After the match, there was a harsh reaction from Sivasspor regarding the referee’s decisions.


Sivasspor Press Spokesperson Gökhan Karagöl reacted to the referee decisions at the end of the match and said:

I don’t know how to evaluate this match. Tonight is a dark night for Turkish football. Unfortunately, we were not given a clear penalty, it was 1-0. After getting the score 2-1, we took the lead in the game. We conceded the 3rd goal after a foul committed against our defender in the penalty area. We are wondering whether there are referees in VAR or not. Let’s change the name of VAR to say there is no referees. We don’t understand how they evaluate these positions. It is very meaningful that the referee did not see offside in the last position and called a penalty. We don’t know what to say. We do our best where there is an economic gap between the teams, but are the results of such matches organized in advance? Is something else happening? We couldn’t decide on this, we didn’t understand it. We talk, we do, what to do. We go out and play. Football’s stakeholders are not doing their part. We are very curious if the referees in VAR are there, have they arrived, are they even there? We are pleased with the performance of our team. We fell behind 1-0, but it would have been different if the coach had given the penalty. We made it 2-1 from 2-0, the ball was always with us. After that, the referee stepped in. He turned the game over again. We no longer need to play. He definitely used his discretion against us in all bilateral fights. He did not manage the match to a single standard. What can we do, we can’t do anything. We come, we play, we go. There’s nothing to do or say. We feel sorry for Sivasspor. We feel sorry for Turkish football. Even if we criticize it in the coming weeks, the order will continue like this. I’m not saying ‘THERE IS’, ‘NO’ will be talked about every week from now on. We can’t talk about VAR, we will talk about ‘no’ from now on.


On the other hand, Sivasspor players Caner Osmanpaşa and Charilaos Charisis also targeted the referees after the match.

Caner Osmanpaşa, who criticized the referee management harshly, said:

Are there only 2 teams in the league, I don’t understand that? Is this league set up for only 2 teams? Then let the two teams play among themselves. This isn’t just something that happens to us. Then let’s not play. We are complaining here, but we have a wound. How can you not give a clear penalty in the first half? Why don’t you steal? One position each week. At the 3rd goal, the man steps on his feet and says, ‘He is not stepping on purpose.’ You don’t give the penalty, it will be 1-1.

The same thing was done to Pendik yesterday. It is done for all Anatolian teams. I don’t understand. Don’t we have money for our living? Don’t we have a struggle? Then let’s not go to the field. Let them write it as 3-0 defeat. Such simple, comfortable decisions cannot be made. We concede the 4th goal, I ask İrfan, ‘Did he hit his hand?’, he says, ‘Yes, he did, but he hit it on the ground.’ Does this matter? Can he score with my hand while on the ground? Does it matter where you hit! There are problems in all goals except the first goal. It cannot be given that easily. Shouldn’t we play? Shouldn’t we be given a penalty? Just because two teams will compete… Is this how the quality of the league will increase? It doesn’t work like that. It cannot be given that easily. I’m sorry, I’m angry. My teammates are the same

There is a difference of 100-150 million euros between us. I’m not saying Fenerbahçe is guilty, what I say has nothing to do with Fenerbahçe. There can’t be that much difference. How will we win? VAR did not call once, only one position. This league is not for two teams. It is done for all Anatolian teams. Will this be with the referees? I swear, it’s a shame. I can’t think of any comments about the match. It doesn’t matter whether you play good or bad. You can’t let us down that easily. There are problems in all of them except the first goal. Anatolian team, move aside. It’s not that comfortable. Anyone who comes will say the same thing. The same thing is done to all teams. I apologize. Sorry. I’m not in a position to say anything about tactics.


Another player from Sivasspor, Charilaos Charisis, criticized the referees for making decisions in favor of Fenerbahçe after the match and said:

We didn’t play our best. We created a few chances throughout the match, but we could not score. They had the same number of goal positions as us, but they scored. First of all, I am proud of my team. We are fighting. We are working. In general, we are having good matches. I have problems with the referee. We had a clear penalty, but it was not given. I touched the opponent defender very lightly and received a yellow card. Dzeko did the same thing to me harder, but no foul was given and no card was issued. In the third goal scored by Fenerbahçe, Samba Camara was fouled but they did not concede. I don’t understand why the referees did this. Fenerbahçe is a big club. A deep-rooted community. Fenerbahçe does not need such things to win. Anyway, I am not making any accusations against Fenerbahçe. The referees made obvious and big mistakes. How do referees make these mistakes? I can not understand.