Hard life for Piqué, his girlfriend’s parents don’t want him: “Clara Chia angry about…”

There’s a new problem on the horizon for the couple

It’s not all rosy though Gerard Pique And Clara Chia. The couple has to take into account a new problem after the numerous attacks of Shakira to their address. The Colombian pop star has moved to Miami but there is a closer problem that the two must take into account. According to what paparazzo Jordi Martín declared to TV Notas, the problems for the two lovers are not over, and this time the enemy is at home.

According to the photojournalist against whom Clara Chía obtained a restraining order, the young girl’s parents do not want the former Barcelona center forward. “Clara Chía’s family doesn’t want Piqué, her parents don’t want him”, said the journalist, adding that Piqué “he can’t set foot in the house” of his parents. “When Piqué goes to Miami to see his children, Clara Chia does not sleep at her parents’ house, but at a friend’s house, because she is angry with her parents who do not accept her partner”he concluded.

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