The legendary Hanoi Rocks performed at the Helsinki Ice Hall at Michael Monroe’s 60th birthday concert. The atmosphere of the sold-out show was wild and sweaty.

    The Finnish rock group Hanoi Rocks performed at the Helsinki Ice Hall on Friday, September 23 as a soloist Michael Monroe In honor of the 60th birthday. The performance was the band’s first with the original lineup since July 27, 1982.

    They took the stage in addition to Monroe Andy McCoy, Sami Yaffa, Nasty Suicide and Gyp Casino. Before the show, Monroe and Andy McCoy promised “chaos”, which they also served.

    Photographer Atte Kajova described the concert that drove the audience wild and said that the atmosphere was energetic and sweaty.

    – It was hard going, the audience was really involved. The whole evening was very energetic, Kajova told Iltalehte from the ice rink in Helsinki.

    According to Kajova, Hanoi Rock’s sold-out gig was a success. Especially the birthday hero Michael Monroe was in full force.

    – Michael was really involved and also played the saxophone. The audience followed along. Andy McCoy also spat on stage and was surprisingly passive compared to Michael. Monroe was that energetic on stage.

    See below the photos from the first concert of the Hanoi Rocks band with the original line-up since 1982.

    Finnish rock legends Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy. During the gig, Monroe got excited to play the saxophone as well. Atte Kajova

    Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy served a wild and sweaty evening at the Helsinki Ice Hall. Atte Kajova

    Andy McCoy went wild during the show, even spitting on stage. Atte Kajova

    Andy McCoy immersed in music. Atte Kajova

    Michael Monroe’s performance was full of energy. Atte Kajova

    Birthday hero Monroe enjoyed the performance to the fullest. Atte Kajova

    There was a smile when Monroe performed together with her musician friend McCoy. Atte Kajova