Handball clubs Aalsmeer and Volendam in uncertainty after Lions bankruptcy

The end of the famous handball club Limburg Lions seems to be in sight after filing for bankruptcy. “This is not good for the opponent and not for the sport,” says general manager of HV Volendam, Joost Ooms. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the consequences in the BENE League for Volendam and HV Aalsmeer.

Volendam (four) and Aalsmeer (five) are both still in the race for a spot in the Final Four (the play-offs for the championship in the BENE League). Lions are currently third with three games to go, making the consequences of the bankruptcy important. The Dutch Handball Association is still in consultation with Lions about completing the competition and the cup.

Exciting times

Ooms: “This is a very unpleasant situation. This is also an exciting time for the players and directors of the club. This bankruptcy is a stain on the history of Dutch handball.”

“We work closely with all handball clubs in the Netherlands,” Ooms continues. “There will be a meeting next Saturday and I hope that more will be clear afterwards for all involved.”

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Major consequences for Volendam and Aalsmeer

The possible withdrawal of Lions could have major consequences for the North Holland teams in the BENE League. Volendam won at home against Lions (39-30), but fell in Limburg (37-35). As a result, the handball players would lose two points in the competition.

Earlier this season, Aalsmeer drew (28-28) against Lions and would lose a point in the standings. Coincidentally, the next match against Lions is scheduled for Aalsmeer on Sunday. For the time being, that match will go ahead, according to inquiries from the NHV. In terms of ranking, the points reduction would make no difference, because Hurry-Up (number six) has four points less.

HV Volendam plays against Houten on Saturday evening, while HV Aalsmeer travels to Limburg on Sunday for the confrontation with Lions.