Handball Champions League: Furious THW Kiel prevails against Paris

As of: November 30, 2023 9:26 p.m

The German handball record champion THW Kiel is back on track in the Champions League. Thanks to a strong performance, they scored 26:24 (15:10) at home against Paris Saint-Germain on Thursday evening.

After a debacle and a draw against Aalborg Handbold (Denmark), this success in Group A helps enormously in achieving the goal: the first two teams qualify directly for the quarter-finals. After the ninth matchday, the THW is now the first on 13 points and is on a very good path in this regard.

Kiel got off to a dream start to the game in front of 8,204 spectators: Domagoj Duvnjak (2), Niclas Ekberg, Elias Ellefsen a Skipagötu and Hendrik Pekeler ensured that the score was 5-0 in the seventh minute. Coach Filip Jicha’s team seamlessly continued the first leg, which they won 34:28 with a gala performance on the Seine.

THW goalkeeper Bellahcene outstanding

The audience in Kiel was immediately thrilled – in contrast to PSG coach Raul Gonzalez, who quickly slapped the green card on the timekeeper’s table. Time out! The guests then found their way into the game and even came within one goal three times, but from the point of view of the Kiel team and their fans, the final phase was as good as the beginning. The THW went from 9:8 (20th) to 15:10 by the break – the five-goal lead was restored.

Kiel’s French goalkeeper Samir Bellahcene played a huge part in the lead, having fended off 56 percent of the shots to his goal in the first half. 40 percent is really good for a goalkeeper, the 28-year-old’s rate is exceptional.

Kiel lost the lead after the restart…

As smoothly as everything had gone in the first half, things got off to a bumpy start for the North Germans after the restart. After six minutes there wasn’t much left of the nice lead of 16:15. Jicha took a time-out and made a tactical change: Bellahcene went out of his goal during his own attacks and another field player came on.

THW Kiel – Paris St. Germain 26:24 (15:10)

Goals Kiel: Ekberg 5/2, Bilyk 4, Ellefsen a Skipagotu 4, Johansson 3, Dahmke 2, Duvnjak 2, Pekeler 2, Överby 2, Gurbindo 1, Wiencek 1
Goals Paris St. Germain: Grebille 6, Prandi 4, Balaguer 3, L. Karabatic 3, N. Karabatic 2, Mathe 2/1, Holm 1, Sole Sala 1, L. Steins 1, Tönnesen 1
Viewers: 8,204
Penalty minutes:

But this 7:6 majority did not initially have the desired effect. After losing the ball, the Parisians made long throws into the empty Kiel goal. The result: After 40 minutes, PSG was ahead for the first time, 19:18.

… and ends up getting the two points

Things came to a head. When the score was 25:25 (55th), Ekberg missed a seven-meter penalty against his Swedish compatriot Andreas Palicka, who played for THW from 2008 to 2015. But: On the other hand, the other Kiel goalkeepers were also reliable. Tomas Mrkva, who came on for Bellahcene, took two free throws. And Rune Dahmke scored 25:23 for THW two minutes before the final siren with a counterattack and throw into the empty goal.

Kiel never gave up this lead. The players danced to the siren and the spectators were thrilled. The THW’s most successful player, who had previously announced the contract extension with Nikola Bilyk until 2026, was Ekberg with five goals.

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