The police released images in Bureau Brabant on Monday of the man who threw a hand grenade at Coffeeshop Caza on the Gasthuisring in Tilburg in October. This perpetrator is still wanted.

    The hand grenade was thrown at the coffee shop in the middle of the night on October 27. This was later moved by a man. He put the explosive in his bag and walked with it to a parking lot on Jan Heijnsstraat. Officers stopped him there and confiscated his bag.

    The man who threw the grenade was captured by cameras. It can be seen that he, dressed in black clothes, first walks past the coffee shop. He disappears from view and then reappears.

    Tape blocks ignition
    When he stands in front of the coffee shop, it can be seen that the man has something in his hands. He fiddles with it a bit and then walks away again. “It doesn’t work right away, but it looks like he wants to pull something out. Possibly the pin of the hand grenade,” said the police. Finally he throws the hand grenade at the door and the man runs off.

    The hand grenade did not go off because a piece of tape blocked the ignition. “Otherwise the consequences would have been incalculable. It is an explosive that could also have cost human lives.”

    Images of a witness can also be seen in the investigation program on Monday. It concerns someone who, just after the grenade was thrown, walks past the coffee shop. He contacted the security guards. Police are still looking for this witness.

    Coffee shop closed
    It is not yet clear why the grenade was thrown at the coffee shop. In March, the door of the coffee shop was also shot. Mayor Theo Weterings closed the case for three months after the hand grenade was found. “Public order and safety are so compromised here that we have to act,” the mayor said at the time.