• “That night, his objective was simple: to eliminate my work tool by extreme violence, breaking my legs and ending my career,” he explains.

    • They accuse the French player of having hired a group of four men to beat up her former teammate

    The soccer player Kheira Hamraoui, victim of a beating in November 2021 allegedly orchestrated by his then PSG colleague Aminata Diallo due to sports rivalry, he said he trusted the Justice to clear his honor. Hamraoui -currently away from PSG and the national team- chose a long letter on social networks to express himself after Diallo -without a club since June- spent a first night in prison charged with “aggravated violence” and “association of malefactors”.

    They accuse the player of having hired a group of 4 men – also accused – to beat up Hamraoui, who was injured in the legs, and thus be able to “take his place” in the next games. The two were fighting both in PSG and in the France team for a place in the eleven as midfielders. The former Barcelona midfielder alludes to what she considers a “media lynching” for which she went from victim to guilty. At first, in mid-November 2021, Diallo was suspected and was interrogated for 40 hours, but she was released without charge.

    Hamraoui’s letter

    “After long months of suffering, I have decided to come out of silence. I will never forget this afternoon of November 4, 2021. She torments me night and day. That dark night that changed my personal and professional life, my life as a woman and as a footballer . That sad night when I thought I was dying when two caged men forced me out of a vehicle. They just threw iron bars at me basically targeting my lower body.”

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    “That night, his goal was simple: eliminate by extreme violence my work tool breaking my legs and ending my careera. After this traumatic experience that became an absolute injustice, I was the victim of an amazing media cabal aimed at tarnishing my image and privacy. The purpose was to keep public opinion away from the truth: I am a victim. Certainly innocent, except probably for wallowing in silence that sits on my modesty. And for letting a media buzz of unheard-of violence destroy me and my loved ones. For very long months after my assault, I was unfairly insulted in the field, harassed on social media and received death threats. However, I have tried to hold on to my passion and remain professional.”

    “This time is definitely one of the most difficult in my life as a woman and as a top athlete. As much as the adventure of the French team, so important to me, it is now being written without me. Today I trust in justice so that the truth comes to light and my honor is washed. I can’t wait for my name to be associated only with sports pages again and not court issues. I could never have survived this painful time without the unwavering support of my family and loved ones. Also, my sincere thanks to my attorney Julia Minkowski, my agents Sonia Souid and Patrick Esteves, my communications advisors Teddy Pessot and Ahmed Eddarraz. Without your help I would never have been able to get my head out of the water.”