Hair inside sweaters: a casual trend, with pros and cons

Upartly for convenience, partly for protection against bad weather, largely for aesthetic reasons: nHiding your hair inside sweaters, sweatshirts and scarves is a trend which has even spread among the hairstyles on the catwalk during the last few fashion weeks. Practical, fast and suitable for medium-long hair, it’s a simple way to change your hair look in a few steps, if done inside the sweater. But with some precautions.

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Hair in sweaters, a trend dictated by Phoebe Philo

They are called Turtleneck Hair or hair tuck and is nothing more than hair stuck inside jackets, coats, sweaters, preferably turtlenecks. As you wrote Allurethis habit is the beauty equivalent of wearing a jacket draped over your shoulders. In short, a quirka gesture as simple as it is nonchalant, behind which much more is hidden.

This trend dates back to the early 2000s and the first to propose it was Phoebe Philo, “lady” of a series of trends and gestures that are only apparently random, but in reality very chic although easy to copy. It was her among the first to appear on the catwalks with her hair tucked inside her turtleneck of order and then to propose them on the Celine catwalks.

Olivia Palermo also followed this habit, and since then, her hair often tucked into sweaters and jackets is a real style signature of hers. It has been seen many times on the catwalks, from Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy to Tory Burch and Tom Ford up to very recent Chloè fashion show, which took place in early March in Paris. Not to mention on the streets, because it “immediately gives a chic touch to your look” as they say on TikTok.

Hair inside sweaters, precautions

The medium-long hair is essential to follow this trend and winter or mid-season clothing.

“Enough insert your hair inside a scarf or sweater and then arrange it slightly creating a minimum of volume at the back. The idea is to create a real faux boba choice that gives a certain elegance to your hair look and is above all ideal for those who have long hair but want to see themselves with a shorter length and don’t have the courage to cut it” explains Marco Steri, hairstylist.

From left, Vittoria Ceretti on the Chloè catwalk, Emily Ratajkowski on the street and Irina Shayk on the Tod’s catwalk (Getty Images)

However, behind this habit there is something more: «In addition to the aesthetic fact, this habit protects the hair. In fact, the foliage suffers damage from high and low temperatures and in winter also from wind, rain and humidity. Hiding your hair inside your clothes protects it and is a very suitable choice, especially if your hair is already bleached or if it is naturally frizzy.» explains the hairstylist.

In short, not just a sophisticated gesture. Not only because it keeps hair that is already fragile by nature healthy but also because helps your self-esteem. In fact, it seems that according to a study conducted by the American brand HairRx, the perception that 80% of 40-50 year old women have of themselves is influenced by their hair and it emerged that this quick and practical idea boosts their confidence precisely because it allows them to see themselves as more elegant.

The “cons” of the trend

However, they are not all “pro”. Tucking your hair into sweaters can also cause some problems. First of all when it comes to knots, especially at the nape of the neck. This is why it is important to always comb your hair both before and after.

The second problem is represented by rubbing with fabrics. Continuous friction can in fact weaken the hair shafts and facilitate the formation of split ends. However, if you don’t want to give up this habit, you must therefore opt for one nourishing hair routineso as to fortify the stems and the tips themselves so that they are not porous and rough, but also moisturizing to avoid frizz, with a good leave-in spray conditioner, for example, or finishing oil on the ends. Well hidden, but protected.